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Bumps On The Roof Of Your Mouth

There are many different reasons for bumps on the roof of your mouth. Every persons oral hygiene is different and so is their genetic makeup. If you have a bump on the roof of your mouth, there are many different causes and reasons behind this change. This article gives insight into mouth bumps as well […]

Breath smells like poop: 6 causes

Bad breath! Nobody wants to be known as the person with stinky breath, especially if you don’t even know you have it. There can be many underlying causes for bad breath, and luckily we are here to help identify six of them, so you can make a quick fix and have that fresh, minty smelling […]

Why Do I Have A Bitter Taste In My Mouth?

Ever wonder why you seemingly randomly get a bitter taste in your mouth? Having this happen can cause self-consciousness if you have bad breath or not, unpleasantness, along with having to deal with it all day. Find out the symptoms, causes, and home remedies you can try to clear out that bitter taste, and feel […]

Is Mouthwash Good or Bad?

  There has been debate about different oral hygiene steps in the past and whether or not they are actually beneficial to you.  Flossing, for example was discussed a lot in 2017 because some believed it wasn’t necessary for good oral hygiene.  This time around mouthwash is the topic of debate.  The article below answers […]

Adults and Braces

Orthodontic treatment and braces are typically first associated with adolescents and teenagers.  That is not always the case, however.  More and more adults are opting to align their smiles these days – especially since there are different methods of orthodontic treatment that can be a little more discrete than traditional metal braces.  One of those […]

The Importance of Flossing

How often do you floss?  Did you know you what can happen if you don’t floss on a regular basis?  The article below talks about why flossing is a key part in maintaining good oral hygiene.  When you have braces it is just as, if not more, important to floss because food can easily get […]

Getting Braces Adjusted

Part of the process of having braces is getting them adjusted periodically.  The point of adjustments is to guide teeth in the direction they need to go to align your smile.  There is no need to be nervous about adjustments because they are a necessary, normal step in the process.  Learn about what happens at […]

Healing Canker Sores

Almost everyone has had a canker sore at least once.  They can be painful and make eating and drinking certain things a challenge sometimes.  When you have braces, canker sores can hurt even more if they rub against the metal.  So how and why do people even get canker sores?  And what can we do […]

Good Oral Hygiene During the Holidays

From Halloween to New Years’ Day it is easy to indulge in a variety of foods from candy to pumpkin pie to Christmas cookies.  But have you ever thought about what all those rich, sweet treats do to your teeth?  It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the holidays.  That way you don’t have […]

Always Think Things Through Before Changing Your Smile

A person should always think things through before getting any treatment or procedure.  When it comes to your smile, you should be sure you are going through with something you truly want that will not only correct oral problems you have but also boost your self-esteem.  The article below briefly discusses some things you should […]